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Quality graphic design is the center piece for all aspects of advertising.

The look and feel of your companies advertisig efforts can bring in or turn away business.

Example - www.TileYourHome.com

Tile Your Home produces some of the best bathroom and tile work I have ever seen. However if the website didn't portray there quality work they could be losing business. Instead they always here how the website looks good and compliments there quality of work. Acting as a qualifier for bringing in NEW business.

Reaching your target market with your graphic design efforts is the first step to branding your business. It is also important to coordinate the look and feel in your logo, print advertising, and website design.

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I have a logo I need you to do, how much does it cost?

When a company contacted me for a logo done professionally, the base price is $1200.

This price will vary depending on the person or company you are providing it for. Gaining an understanding of the person you are providing the logo for and there budget is important to land the job. You don't want to sell yourself short, but you want to get paid for your time. YOU are professional and providing a good service, you should be rewarded for your time and talent.

There are a couple concerns here.

1. How many logo options will you provide? (there should be a note, you will provide 5 Logos, then cost per next option. And cost per revisions to logo.) I did 70 logos for Uncle Steve's Law firm and then they just went with the name.

2. How many people is making the decision? 
(if there are 5 people, it WILL take longer, more cost)
you have to protect your time here.

3. What is your budget for the logo? 
(if a company will give you this info, USE it.)

A LOGO IS BY FAR THE MOST DIFFICULT PART OF DESIGN. You are making the face for the company, they will use it for years.

Time to make the Logo. Helpful notes.

I like to get a list of keywords the company stands for. Once you have the list in front of you, you can start to formulate a concept.


Knowing who you are designing the logo for, the companies Target Market.

You will be VERY good at this. Having the understanding of WHO will see the logo, professional and trustworthy. Makes them feel good.

THEN it becomes a Brand.

memorable and will lead to sales...

Your logos will create trust and sales for the company you are making them for. The FACE of the company, this is a good sales point.

Homework, Learn what "Target Market" is.

I hope this is cool me sending you this info, I have been designing logos for 13 years, and its tricky and you can loose a lot of time, from them NOT making up there mind...


there will be a client, that doesn't feel right. Follow your instincts turning down a project, can actually save you time and money...